Bill Fluty
Vanderburgh County Assessor
Office Hours: 7:30 AM to 4:30 PM
Phone: 812.435.5267
Fax: 812.435.5530

Contact Information:

Commercial Real Estate: 

Staci Stanley      Ph (812) 435-5143 or email:

Residential Real Estate: 

Amy Stewart      Ph (812) 435-5279 or email:


 Jacki Doty-Fox  Ph (812) 435-2523 or email:

Transfer & Deeds:

Jennifer Puttman             Ph (812) 435-5472 or email:

Sales Disclosures:

Susan Schisler    Ph (812) 435-5272 or email:

Business Personal Property, Mobile homes, Oil & Gas:

Mandy Manning              Ph (812) 435-5283 or email:

Website mapping:

Jim Gowen          Ph (812) 435-5286 or email:

Information Technology:

Scott Hunt          Ph (812) 435-5270 or email:

Business Personal Property:  Per Indiana Executive Order 20-23, the deadline for submitting business personal property returns has been extended to June 15, 2020.  For this reason, it is not necessary to request an extension of time to file as all returns are now due June 15.

The Vanderburgh County Assessor’s goal is to provide fair and accurate assessments in accordance with Indiana Code. We pledge to serve the taxpayers in a professional, courteous and helpful manner using uniform standards so that no one is burdened with paying more than their fair share.